CineFlite Launches Real Estate Filming

CineFlite Launches Real Estate Filming

We never tire of all the amazing shoots we get to film on for cinema and television, however, once in a while a change is good.

Recently that’s just what we got when we were asked to film our first real estate film for Hamptons International, and it was a blast! The budget was small so we decided on a one man crew with our trusty F550 hexacopter with GoPro 4 and aimed to complete the shoot and edit in just two days.

In the end the actual filming only took two hours (at the best time of day for the sunlight) and the edit lasted around a day, allowing us to deliver to the client on time and under budget. The owner of the property was very happy and I’m sure he’ll be even happier if it helps sell his house sooner!

Unfortunately, with a seven figure price tag, even high fliers like us won’t be moving in anytime soon.

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