CineFlite Reveals Secret Heron Nest on The One Show

CineFlite Reveals Secret Heron Nest on The One Show

In what is believed to be a world first, CineFlite pilot Jack Johnston was able to film nesting herons up-close using a quadcopter drone. The aerial filming, commissioned by the One Show on BBC 1, hoped to discover more about a siege of herons nesting in a secret location near Oxford for 20 years, but which remains innaccasable from the ground. Records show the herons come back year after year to nest in the same place but, located 100ft high and in dense forest, their behaviour remained a mystery.

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With advice and supervision from local bird experts, we were able to use a quadcopter for the first time ever to get a herons-eye view of the nests. We counted over 60 herons nesting in the area and they were completely at ease with the drone being in the air close to them.

The exclusive footage will air Tuesday 28th at 7pm on BBC1. Check back as we add more pictures and clips from the show.
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