CineFlite To Attend DJI New Product Launch

CineFlite To Attend DJI New Product Launch

On September 28th DJI made their latest new product announcement which they are calling Reimagine Movement. On the same day CineFlite was invited to attend the live event which will take place 5pm on October 8 at the Gallery in Bank End London. Although guests don’t get get any more information about what exactly their new product is, we think we have a good idea. First lets look at their teaser video.

As has become the norm for the company, which is increasing becoming the Apple of the drone industry, their teaser videos offers clues to what their new product will be while not actually giving much away. What’s most interesting is that none of the footage is shot from the a drone lending support to speculation by UAV Hive suggesting it will be a new handheld camera gimbal called OSMO.

On the 22nd July DJI registered the trademark OSMO following on from having submitted the trademark for MATRICE, the OSMO is detailed as being a handheld gimbal with a feature list that suggests it could even have add-ons for underwater use, finally allowing DJI’s camera to take on the GoPro in all conditions.

The underwater camera claim might explain the teasers intriguing use of a horizontal split screen showing different versions of the same image, above and below.

The final clue comes in the event invitation we received which included this line:

You are invited to experience DJI’s latest technology and its power to set creators free. We look forward to sharing how DJI’s state-of-the-art invention will help capture perfectly balanced videos and photos – even in the most-challenging settings.

This plainly refers to a device to balance footage and the most-challenging settings they mention could easily be underwater.

Finally, there has been some speculation that the announcement will be for an Inspire 2, however, we don’t this this is likely. We recently spoke with DJI’s head of operations, Michael Perry, who told us that they are working on integrating sense and avoid technology into the next version of the Inspire, but that they were still struggling over how exactly to do that. He suggested they may even decide to provide it as a separate upgrade kit for all existing inspires, although this would be trickier given the Inspires non-modular design. This itself is a fascinating glimpse of what the next inspire might look like but also suggests they are still far from ready to launch the Inspire 2. Although Michael was unable, or unwilling, to hint at when the next version of the Inspire  may launch, we suspect it will most likely be around April next year to coincide with the NAB trade show.

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