Dolphin Spotting with BBC Countryfile Spring Special

Dolphin Spotting with BBC Countryfile Spring Special

Earlier this month we were  sailing off Cardigan Bay in West Wales filming for the BBC Countryfile Spring Special. Despite winds gusting up to 27 mph, occasional rain and a two metre swell we took off and landed from the small fishing boat to capture some great shots of presenter Ellie Harrison and her team out at sea.

IMG_6099The waters off Cardigan Bay have the largest population of dolphins in the British Isles and so the plan was to find them to film. Sadly, the bad weather and Navy missile testing occurring nearby that week probably contributed to the fact they were a no-show. However, we did get to meet an intrepid trio of young women from dolphin charity SeaWatch Foundation and hear about their plans to use their own small drone to assist in their marine research.

IMG_2824Taking off and landing from a moving vessel with high winds and up to two metre swell is no mean feat, but the skill of our team and the safe operating procedures we have developed just for this kind of job meant everything went flawlessly. It was also one of the most testing challenges yet for our newest drone addition, the Inspire Raw with X5R camera. We continue to be impressed by the durability of this amazing craft and the quality of the new camera shooting 4K resolution in raw format no less!

The episode is available for watching on the BBC iPlayer for the next month. Some of our clips are in the opening sequence but for the main segment skip ahead to the 13:55 mark.

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