Factory Construction Tracked From the Air

Factory Construction Tracked From the Air

When we were asked in 2014 to film the construction of a new building from start to finish from the air we immediately loved the idea. Film maker, Tim Richardson, from There4Productions headed the project to follow the construction of a massive new factory for furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.

While Tim had spect many years showcasing client projects from the ground this time he decided to take the film up several notches, literally, by including aerial camerawork for the first time. For this he turned to CineFlite and what followed was a long and enjoyable collaboration together to film all stages of the factory construction from both the ground and the air.

The site itself was an old RAF training camp during the second world war and most recently was the site of one of the first rubber running tracks, built and decommissioned in the 80’s.

Shot over a period of a year and a half, the film follows the site before, during and after construction, but also touches on the preservation of a historic wartime lamp post and the efforts to rescue a nearby newt habitat. The completed 4 min 39 sec film is available can be watched below.


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